【Official】Hotel Green Hill Kagoshima

Various colors welcome us every season when nature shows.

Your body and mind will be healed by a blissful bath while watching the full starry sky and the moon.Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a leisurely time.

【Bijin-no-yu】 Natural moisturizing ingredients "Metasilicic acid"

It is popular with many people as a "Bijin-no-yu".The reason is that the component "metasilicic acid", which has excellent skin effect, is abundant.
Metasilicic acid is said to be a natural moisturizing ingredient and is an ingredient that makes the skin smooth.Makes skin moist and fine.

★Information about GoTo Travel Campaign★

  • About GoTo Travel Campaign

    Only registration is required.
    Reservations made on our website or by phone are not eligible for GoTo Travel.
    When making a reservation, please use the accommodation reservation site.

    Make a reservation from an internet travel site
    ⇒Please make reservations according to the rules of each site such as "Jalan net" and "Rakuten Travel".

    Book from travel agency
    ⇒Please purchase products eligible for the "Go To Travel" discount at each travel agency.
    Depending on the travel agency, this hotel may not be available.

    Apply for a refund(Accommodation from July 22 to August 31)
    ⇒【Go To Travel Campaign】Refer to refund method application method
  • 【Go To Travel Campaign】How to apply for refund method

    ★Available for guests booked by July 30th and stayed by August 31st★

    <How to apply for a refund>
    -Items to prepare-
    ① Subsequent refund application(Form No. 1):Download from the Secretariat website
    ② Receipt(What the breakdown is written):Get from where you paid
    ③ Accommodation certificate:Get at accommodation
    ④ Account confirmation(Form No. 2):Download from the Secretariat website
    ⑤Documents that can confirm the account number(Copy of passbook)
    ※① to ⑤ must have the same name.

    -Application period-
    From August 14, 2019 to September 14, 2019

    -Delivery address of application-
    To Go To Travel Office
  • New Coronavirus measures

    We are taking the following measures to prevent new coronavirus infection.

    ・Employee wearing mask
    ・Employee temperature measurement and physical condition check
    ・Installation of antiseptic solution in various places
    ・Carry out alcoholic disinfection at various places
    ・Temperature measurement for visitors. . . etc

【August limited plan with all-you-can-drink】

  • 【August limited plan with all-you-can-drink】

    We will deliver a special plan with all-you-can-drink for a limited time!
    ┏━┓ ★
    ┃Note┣┓ Enjoy your trip!
    ┗┳ eyes┃ Cheers with local ingredients and delicious shochu!
    ★ ┗━┛
    All-you-can-drink(90 minutes)
    With one drink for toast【Draft beer highball cocktail non-aldrink】
    In addition, all-you-can-drink shochu + soft drinks

    Even those who are not good at drinking are safe with soft drinks!

    Of course, if you like shochu, please drink a lot.★
    … Please be careful not to drink too much.★

★Golf Package★

  • ★★Golf Package★★

    One play per weekday ▶¥11,480 (included) ・Saturday・Sunday・Holiday 1 play▶¥15,000(Included)
    ◎Accommodation fee (1 room 2 people, breakfast included) + 1 play fee(Self and meals not included)
    ◎Golf play target facility is Green Hill Country Club
    Or it will be a sister course, Minamikyushu Country Club.
    ※Single caddy fee will be charged separately.
    ※If you play at Minamikyushu Country Club, we will not pick you up at the club.
    ※We accept only telephone calls.
    Please contact the hotel or golf course when making a reservation.
    HOTEL GREEN HILL ▶ 0996-38-2100
    Green Hill Country Club ▶ 0996-38-2000

Discover Kagoshima &Satsumasendai City Premium Gift Certificate

  • Discover Kagoshima &Satsumasendai City Premium Gift Certificate

    ★Discover Kagoshima First Part Two Participating★
    Please note the following to our customers
    1:Discover the Kagoshima QR code at check-in

    2:When discovering Kagoshima's QR code at check-in
    Items whose address and name can be confirmed (health certificate, driver's license, etc.)

    3:Discover Kagoshima on the hotel receipt when you check out
    You will be asked to sign the QR code that you gave your name when you registered.

    Four:Those who are not staying cannot use the QR code.

    ★Satsumasendai City Premium Gift Certificate Dealers★

HOTEL GREEN HILL PV & 360 ℃ virtual tour★


    This is an image of a hotel.
  • 360 ℃ virtual tour

    You can tour the hotel facilities 360 °!

    Lobby Hot spring You can see various things such as rooms.

Banquet / meeting

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Google Map

Hotel Name

Hotel Green Hill Kagoshima


250 Ichihino, Hiwaki Town, Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Telephone number

0996-38-2100 Fax:0996-38-0674


【Kyushu Shinkansen】Get off at Sendai Station get off at Hotel Green Hill-mae limousine bus.1 minute walk.
About 50 minutes by bus from the airport.
To traffic access page

Smoking area

  • 1F Smoking area

    There is a lounge in front of the restaurant on the 1st floor.
  • 2F Smoking area

    Get off the elevator on the 2nd floor and it is on the right.

Reservations and Inquiries

Please contact us if you have any questions.