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GreenHill Bridal

Too dazzling,Cheers ~ Original Wedding
In a space surrounded by greenery, we can help you with your unique wedding.
  • Wedding

    • Shinto ceremony

      ~Orthodox style that Yamato Nadeshiko longs for~
    • Shinto ceremony

    • Public expression

      ~Free style regardless of format~
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  • The original bridal is color coordinated

    • Let's start with the original bridal color coordination!

      We offer a public wedding wrapped in beautiful greenery.
      Directing like two people
      Have everyone witness you and make a vow of love.
      350 years under the blue sky,
      In front of the symbol tree (Inumaki)
      In the reception, in front of everyone,
      Golf course in location ...

      Feel free to join the bridal party with membership
      Both young people and attendees are less burdened, and more people are blessed, and the bridal planner can consult with you on your budget and wishes.
  • Bridal Photo Image Gallery